Maximizing Profit in Dental Practice Sales

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The Dental Brief. Maximizing Profit in Dental Practice Sales.

We are joined by Dr. Michael Karol to discuss Maximizing Profit in Dental Practice Sales and more!

Having practiced clinical dentistry for over 26 years, Dr. Michael Karol is uniquely qualified to help you sell or buy your dental practice.

With his extensive experience in buying and selling several practices, as well as being a dental practice broker for 10 years, Dr. Karol has the expertise to guide you through the process.

Additionally, he has served as a clinical educator at NYU, Columbia, and the Yale Graduate Clinic, and has conducted numerous presentations and seminars on dental transitions.

Dr. Karol offers competitive commission rates, and free consultations (including in-office consultations), and does not charge buyers a fee when representing a seller in a transition.

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About the Author

Dr. Michael Karol

Dr. Karol practiced clinical dentistry for 26 years in both NY and CT. During that time he bought and sold several practices personally, and was a clinical instructor at NYU Dental School, Columbia Dental College and the Yale Graduate Dental Clinic. He has over 9 years of experience in dental transitions, and has handled varying types of dental practices and real estate sales. He has lectured to both dental organizations and residency programs. Dr. Karol graduated from MCV/VCU Dental School and did his residency training at UCONN Dental School. He is a licensed real estate salesperson in CT.