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There are many factors which influence how much a buyer would be willing to pay for a practice. Our valuation tool considers the most important factors such as gross income, yearly expenses, and growth potential.

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If you decide to sell your practice, your valuation will be the first step to determining an asking price. The fair market value we determine, along with our expert's accounting of your business, is powerful for gaining interest of potential buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1

Gross Income

To get started, enter the gross income of the business for last year (revenues before expenses and taxes).

Enter the last 3 years for the most accuracy.

Question 2


What is the average age of the equipment?

Question 3

Digital Xray Network

Does the office use digital xrays?

Question 4


What is the general trend in annual revenues?

Question 5


What is the monthly rent for the practice facilities?

Question 6

Crown Fee

How much is charged for a crown?

Question 7


Rate the traffic and visibility of the practice location.

Question 8

Doctor Transition

How long with the current doctors continue working at the practice after it is sold?

Question 9

Staff Transition

Will the current staff continue working at the practice after it is sold?

Question 10

Growth Potential

Rate the potential for practice growth in the future.

Question 11

Net Income

What is the net income of the practice?

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