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    Our specialists accurately analyze a practice for valuation in order to determine fair market value.
    AFFORDABLE AND UPDATEDABLE APPRAISALS Our Appraisals are have been computerized to enable them to be edited easily. This has allowed us to reduce the cost of our appraisals to much less than that of other brokers who charge far more. A valuation is a written official record that can be used for banks and insurance companies. Adding new equipment and updating the appraisal as years go by is simple. The cost of our valuations are also refunded at the sale of your practice.
    BUILD YOUR FINANCIAL RECORDS Having a valuation is important in securing and keeping a record of your assets. This information would be helpful to your family if you were so medically compromised that you could no longer participate in the process of getting the information to the appraiser. Or in the event of a fire, you would have an inventory of your equipment. Is it important to you that you know what you can expect to receive in the sale of your practice? Do you know the tax consequences of the sale, the expenses to expect and what the time frame would be to conclude the sale? This is important information to have when planning your exit strategy.
    HOW IS YOUR VALUE CALCULATED? Your valuation will include a comprehensive accounting of the major equipment in your office, an estimate of the value of your supplies, an estimate on the value of your instruments and a valuation of the Goodwill of your practice based on your last three years of revenues. We will go through your tax returns with you and show your Gross Revenues, your Net Revenues as well as identifying 'elective' expenses which can be 'added back' to your net income to increase the value of your Goodwill and increase the value of your practice.