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Gross Income

Enter up to 3 years for the most accuracy



What is the average age of the equipment?

Digital Xray Network

Does the office use digital xrays?


What is the general trend in annual revenues?


What is the monthly rent for the practice facilities?

Crown Fee

How much is charged for a crown?


Rate the traffic and visibility of the practice location.

Doctor Transition

How long with the current doctors continue working at the practice after it is sold?

Staff Transition

Will the current staff continue working at the practice after it is sold?

Growth Potential

Rate the potential for practice growth in the future.

Net Income

What is the net income of the practice?

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Every dentist works hard to build equity in their practice. In the back of your mind its a tax deferred retirement plan that will be subject to predominantly capital gains tax when the time comes to 'cash in'.  Though you may not be ready now, you can use this tool to get an estimate on the value of your practice. Most appraisals are based on a formula that takes into account the last three years gross revenues. This Valuation Tool will allow you to enter either just the past year, two years or three years gross revenues and come up with a value. If your practice is growing, use this year as three years ago and the other two estimate what you beleive the revenues project to be next year and the year after. then run the Practice Appraisal Estimator to get a future vale for the practice two or three  years from now. Remember this is NOT a Valuation that a bank would use to finance a loan. A bank will want to review your tax returns and use official numbers for your reported gross income  and an analysis of your reported expenses. Banks will make allowances for non-mandatory expenses that the Buyer may elect to not spend. But these numbers from your tax returns will be the ultimate basis for how your practice Appraises for the purposes of a Pre-Approved Buyer getting the funding to purchase your practice.