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    Are you pre-qualified with a bank for purchasing a dental practice? Sellers do not want Brokers to bring them Buyers who are not qualified for financing. Many Sellers will insist that Brokers only bring them Buyers who are pre-qualified. If you are not prequalified, you will need a banker who specializes in dental practice acquisitions. Most banks offer 100% financing on the purchase of the practice plus some will provide working capital, with terms up to 15 years to repay. You want the lender who is the the most competitive and will offer you the best rates and terms for your financing needs. All banks have different guidelines for approving Buyers. Banks can change these policies at anytime. We make every effort to differentiate the different banks and get you connected with the bank[s] that would be the best fit for you. Fill out this contact form and a bank representative who can pre-qualify you for purchasing a dental practice or office real estate will contact you to begin the process. Know that pre-qualification with a Lender is a no-obligation loan pre-qualification. You can get these from several banks at the same time. This will allow you to go into negotiations with peace of mind and certainty about your purchasing capabilities.
    We will find you a loan specialist to get you the best deal.