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    Bob Kirschner

    Professional Information
    Address: 1995 Broadway, New York, NY
    Cell Phone: (646) 342-3736
    Email Address: lucky18000@gmail.com

    Upon graduation from Baruch College, Robert Kirshner entered the hospitality industry as a purveyor of gourmet food products to world-class gastronomic destinations. After a two year hiatus in California, Robert returned to New York to begin his career as a financial consultant, working at both Merrill Lynch and later a division of MetLife, where he specialized in the sale of bonds, equities, options, variable annuities, and also sold health, life, and Long Term Care insurance policies. Robert's proven track record on Wall Street for professionalism, honesty and results has enabled him to advise clients in the purchase and sale of real estate property, where he simplifies the process for both buyers and sellers. A resident of both the Upper West Side of Manhattan and New Paltz in Upstate NY, he can often be seen in Central Park with his Havanese dog, Rocky. An active member of the Reebok Club, he is also an avid Knick & Yankee fan. He lends his support and time to charitable organizations that provide medical care for emotionally and physically handicapped children. He travels frequently to the Middle East and Europe, but his favorite place is his own neighborhood.

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