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  • William J Lossef DDS
    US Dental Practices LLC

    William J Lossef DDS

    Dental Practice Broker and Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

    Professional Information
    Address: 286 5th Avenue, New York, NY
    Cell Phone: (516) 524-7257
    Office Phone: (631) 486-8797
    Fax Number: (631) 486-8798
    Email Address: Bill.Lossef.DDS@gmail.com

    9:00am - 10:00pm  Every Day

    Broker Since: 2011

    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson- Oxford Properties Group

    DDS NYU 1980

    BS RPI 1976


    I had my own private FFS practice for well over 30 years. I worked very hard for many years. The recessions came and went but the Great Recession of 2008 just was very difficult for me. I started looking to other things and started working at Practice Transitions; very part-time in 2011. Several years later I knew I was far more passionate about the business of dentistry than the dentistry so I sold my practice to devote all my time to practice transitions. We modeled our company to work like MLS in real estate. Our Agents work together to represent Sellers and get these deals done for them. Most other brokers in this area are Loners and will not work with anyone else. I know, I have approached them and they are not interested. We are Seller's Agents. Our fiduciary responsibilities are to our Seller Clients. Not sure what the other guys do who are paid by Buyers. Where is their fiduciary responsibility if both Seller and Buyer are Clients? 

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