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US Dental Practices allows users to search for dental practices all across America. To begin your search, visit the Practices for Sale page. Navigate to the search box in the center of the page and begin typing a location to search around. When the location you are looking for appears in the suggested locations under the search bar, click on the suggested location.

On the following page, the results are listed in order distance to the search location. To refine your search even more use the filter and sort tools located right above the listings.
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If you are unable to login due to a forgotten password, the solution is as simple as visiting the Reset Password page. Type in the email address used for your account login and we will promptly send you an email containing a link to create a new password.
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Becoming a broker with US Dental Practices is simple and free! With a broker account you can post an unlimited number of listings that can be seen by dentists all over the country. Every listing you advertise with us improves your chances of finding the perfect buyer for your practices. Additionally, you will be recommended as a practice broker when users search for brokers in their area.

To begin, please fill out the following form to request your broker account. Within the next day, you will receive an email with your authorization and link to setup your account.